Low Heat Input Special Purpose Welding Electrodes for Repair & Maintenance under the brand name of Unialloy. The electrodes are manufactured under the expert guidance of a highly knowledgeable and experienced welding technologist.

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Unialloy LH 410 Ideal Electrode for Sealing Impurities of Cast Iron before Joining Cast Iron
Unialloy LH 470 Highly Machinable Weld Deposits with Good Mechanical Strength Cast Iron
Unialloy LH 480 Machinable Deposit with Ultimate Tensile Strength Cast Iron
Unialloy HF 920 Tough Deposits with Excellent Impact Resistance Hard Facing
Unialloy HF 940 Weld Deposits have Extreme Resistance to Impact, Pressure and Compressive Forces Hard Facing
Unialloy HF 950 Weld Deposits with Exceptionally High Wear Resistance to Extreme Abrasion and Erosion Hard Facing
Unialloy HF 960 Weld Deposits with Exceptionally High Wear Resistance to Abrasion at Elevated Temperatures Hard Facing
Unialloy HF 980 Excellent Abrasion, Impact Corrosion, Erosion Resistance With Edge Retention Properties Hard Facing
Unialloy MW 110 Ideal Cutting Electrode For All Metals Metal Working
Unialloy MW 120 Ideal Cutting Electrode For All Metals Metal Working
Unialloy LH 280 Ideal For Welding Bronze & Dissimilar Metals Non Ferrous
Unialloy LH 360 Superior Welds Have Excellent Crack Resistance At Elevated Temperatures Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 370 Superior Welds Provide Excellent Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 380 Ideal for Joining Unknown Grades of Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 760 Dynamic Load Resistant Weldments Steel
Unialloy LH 720 Superior Welds have Excellent Crack Resistance at Elevated Temperatures Steel
Unialloy LH 770 Excellent Weldment For High Temperature Crack Resistance Steel
Unialloy LH 780 MGS Universal Electrode to Weld on Any Grade of Steel Steel
Unialloy LH 790 Superior Welds Resistant To Thermal Shocks Steel