Triunity Technology Private Limited

Triunity Technology Private Limited (TTPL) was established in 2013 by three professionals having wide experience in welding field for after having served a well-known Welding company for more than two decades in India. The company is formed to provide best welding solution & product to cater the requirement of client. TTPL has set up a most modern manufacturing plant at Faridabad, Delhi NCR with excellent manufacturing & Quality control facilities to produce Welding Electrodes (MMAW) for general purpose under the brand name of Finweld , GOLDARC & KOBRA. We also manufacture Low Heat Input Special Purpose Welding Electrodes for Repair & Maintenance under the brand name of Unialloy. The electrodes are manufactured under the expert guidance of a highly knowledgeable and experienced welding technologist. Their wide experience & strict quality norms with periodic checks ensures a perfect product which satisfy both national & International standard such as BIS, EN, ASME, DIN etc. Some of our products are accredited to ISI Certification vide CM/L No.9512341214 as per IS: 814 specification. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction via our state of art manufacturing plant, knowledge based centers of excellence and a comprehensive sales and distribution network.


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Unialloy LH 720 Superior Welds have Excellent Crack Resistance at Elevated Temperatures Steel
Unialloy LH 760 Dynamic Load Resistant Weldments Steel
Unialloy LH 770 Excellent Weldment For High Temperature Crack Resistance Steel
Unialloy LH 780 MGS Universal Electrode to Weld on Any Grade of Steel Steel
Unialloy LH 790 Superior Welds Resistant To Thermal Shocks Steel
Unialloy LH 360 Superior Welds Have Excellent Crack Resistance At Elevated Temperatures Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 370 Superior Welds Provide Excellent Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 380 Ideal for Joining Unknown Grades of Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Unialloy LH 410 Ideal Electrode for Sealing Impurities of Cast Iron before Joining Cast Iron
Unialloy LH 470 Highly Machinable Weld Deposits with Good Mechanical Strength Cast Iron